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​The world's most advanced solution in academic and professional orientation

MeOrienta is a brand of the company Zeno Quantum


It would seem that it only happens to you, but the sad reality is that, every year, 33% of students drop out of college and university.

21% do it already the first year.

Having helped thousands of students allows us to know well what you need. In this moment of discouragement or demotivation, the most important thing is to set a new goal that allows you to


But this time we have to do it right so that the same thing doesn't happen.

That is why we propose a program in 3 stages:


We discover your talent, your strengths and your professional DNA


We look at which fields and professions your professional DNA best fits into.


​We establish a strategic academic plan that will allow you to achieve the set challenges

As we know that it is urgent and cannot wait, we have a special section with orientators for university students.

This allows, in just 72 hours,

You have a new goal for the future.

Schedule HERE or send an email to to book a video meeting with an expert counselor, who knows your case in detail and who explains everything we can do to help you.


Note: "This meeting has no financial cost to you nor does it obligate you to do anything. If you later do not want to do the program, you are not obligated."

Join the more than 100,000 students who have decided their future with MeOrienta

14 years of experience

Available in 5 countries

More than 100,000 students oriented

Expert orientators with more than 5,000 processes

The most advanced tools in the world






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