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When you choose your studies, you are not choosing only what you are going to study for the next 2 or 4 years, but what you will dedicate a very important part of your life to professionally.

Therefore, the objective of studying a career is not only to obtain a degree, but to become a professional to get a job. At the moment that a person must get a job, he must present himself to a company through what we know as a resume. This curriculum must have 3 important aspects:

  1. The attributes. They are those aspects that the candidate has but that all the other candidates also have. At this point are the university degrees or professional training. For example, if you opt for a financial position, not having experience or a title that certifies your knowledge automatically rules out the candidate, but having it does not differentiate you from the rest.

  2. differentials. They are those aspects that the candidate has, but that not all the other candidates have. In this section appear, among others, the brand of the university, the languages or if the international experience. For example, it is not the same to put in the curriculum that ADE has been done at any university than to put that it has been done at Oxford.

  3. The spearhead. It is the person behind the curriculum. It is the profile and personal skills.

In differentials, having a degree at an international university provides a great differential compared to the rest. It shows the company that the person is capable of being in a different country, that they have personal skills that ensure that they have autonomy, independence or proactivity, that they are fluent in other languages and that they are able to function and work in international, interracial and multidisciplinary teams.

Knowing that the cost of a degree is not a cost, but rather an investment, we encourage you to take it into account when you have to decide, although you should know that studying in some countries, such as the USA, a degree + residency may prove about $50,000 a year.

  1. Ask a HR person what differentials companies value for professional positions like the ones you are going to form.

  2. Work your resume during the race as if you were a farmer and do not leave it for the last moment as a hunter.

  3. Look at your international options already in 4th ESO. In many cases, you have to prepare cover letters, volunteer, prepare language exams or specific subjects.

  4. Keep in mind that pre-registrations open almost a year before. Many times they are in September, when you go from 1st to 2nd year of high school.

  5. Do not see the money you are going to spend as a cost. Education is an investment in something that will last a lifetime.

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