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MeOrienta Program

Our school has implemented MeOrienta, the most advanced academic guidance program in the world that is intended for middle and high school students, led by our school's counselors and tutors, and with the help of experts from the company Zeno Quantum.


MeOrienta is a "blended" program that combines science and advanced technology, which works with algorithms and artificial intelligence and has predictive and descriptive analysis systems, with the work of expert counselors with experience in thousands of processes.

The program allows our students to know their strengths and their professional DNA, to know in which areas and professions they are best suited to design the most strategic academic path until reaching the professional field.

MeOrienta is a clear example of the commitment we have as a school to the future of our students and families.


MeOrienta, academic year 2022-2023-2024

MeOrienta is a brand of Zeno Quantum /

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