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Program MeOrienta

The most expert counselors and the most advanced methodology and technological tools to help you decide your future.

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Are you worried about why your child should choose studies?

It is not for less. Choosing studies is not only deciding what he is going to study for the next 4 years, but also who he will dedicate many years of his life to professionally. A decision that will condition his profession, but that will also condition the possibility of finding work, earning a good living or the social environment with which he will live.


You think it only happens to your child, but no, 92% of students about to enter university still don't know what to do.


At this moment of decision, it is very likely that your child feels alone, since he has no one to help him.


You parents do not have the answers, and that is normal, you are not counseling professionals. You do what you can and you are afraid that the decisions will not be correct.

The school counselor also does what he can. He does not have the tools to know what would be best for him, nor does he have the information to share with you about the more than 850 exits between university courses and vocational training, where each one is studied, what is needed to enter, if he will reach the necessary grade and much less having knowledge of the professional world.


Not having good guidance currently means that 1 in 3 students abandon their career.

21% drop out in the first year. But if it is bad to abandon, nothing compared to spending your entire life working on something you don't like.

MeOrienta is the brand of Zeno Quantum, a leading company in the field of orientation.

We have counselors with experience of having guided thousands of students with 100% success. Counselors who use advanced methodology and technological tools.

If your concern is that you don't know what to study, stop worrying, we can help you as we have done with more than 50,000 students and families like yours.


With the MeOrienta programs you will be able to know your strengths and your professional DNA beyond your academic grades. You will be able to find out in which areas and professions it is best suited. We will help you design your most strategic academic path. The best baccalaureate or vocational training, the best selectivity modality subjects, the grade you will need to ensure entry into the university and we can advise you on universities in 15 countries, in addition to Andorra and Spain.


You can access our counselors for free to ask them questions HERE.

​You can book a free video meeting, so that an expert counselor knows where you are going and can explain the MeOrienta program that best suits you. SCHEDULE IT HERE.

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